Feel at Ease Consultation

Hi, my name is Nico, I am a hypnotherapist based at the Banyan wellness centre in Burnley. I trained and qualified as a hypnotherapist at the Atkinson-Ball College of hypnotherapy. Here at Inner mind, we know that coming to see a Hypnotherapist for the first time, can feel daunting. This is why we try to make you feel as relaxed as possible. From the very first moment you step foot into the Banyan Centre, you will always be met with a warm, friendly smile from the team; now you can start to relax. There is a positive ambiance throughout the building.

All this relaxation and we haven’t even started the Hypnotherapy yet: -)

Here to Help

Few people would argue that we don’t live in a world with more stress, pressure, anxiety and depression than ever before. A quick search on the internet is enough to demonstrate just how much these problems are present in modern day society. This is one of the main reasons why more and more people all over the world are seeking Hypnotherapy to overcome their problems. By finding my page the chances are, you are seeking therapy and I’m glad you’ve found me because I’m here to help.

Take the journey together

I am able to connect with clients, and make them feel at ease. There are many Hypnotherapists out there and choosing who to see if you decide you want Hypnotherapy can be very difficult and is an entirely personal decision.

A good hypnotherapist has the ability to connect with a client on a personal level. Drawing upon my personal experience the connection you can make with your therapist can be the difference between hypnotherapy being successful or unsuccessful.

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