Hypnotherapy for Childbirth (Hypno-Birth)

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You may be aware by now that Nico is a man! Never the less having seen his own wife go through a difficult labor. This experience prepared him for the future.

Having prepared countless clients for hypno-birthing, Nico can plan a hypno-birthing program for you.

What is “hypno-birthing”? Hypnotherapy for childbirth is a useful tool which can help mothers (and their birthing partner) prepare for the birth by addressing any concerns and fears they may have, as well as reducing the pain and length of labour and any chances of intervention. Many studies have also found that babies born to mothers who have used hypnotherapy to prepare and relax them for birth are also more likely to sleep and feed better.

A hypnotherapist will discuss any anxieties the mother is feeling with regards to the pregnancy and will create a programme of treatment which is personally tailored to their needs. This beautiful process allows a pregnant mother to gain a deep state of relaxation quickly and easily, minimising fear and pain whether at home or in the maternity unit. The mother learns easy self-hypnosis techniques and powerful visualisation techniques, all intended to help dispel any negative thoughts and concerns as well as helping to feel in control, confident and prepared for the birth. As nature intended, mother is then without fear, without tension and without pain. Reducing anxiety will also minimise the need for pain relief drugs which pass from mother to baby.

The mother’s birthing partner also benefits from this being involved in this process, learning techniques in order to support mum and themselves, before, during and after “the time” comes.

The Hypnotherapy for Childbirth takes several forms:

  • Relaxation to enjoy pregnancy and in preparation for labour
  • Powerful pain control techniques
  • Learning self-hypnosis including the use of music
  • Preparation of birthing partner to strengthen support
  • Preparation for rapid post-natal recovery

Why is hypnotherapy effective for childbirth?

Unfortunately myths, rumours and the press have portrayed birth as something to be feared, a notion which has been picked up on by many women and only acts to hinder the birthing process. When we feel afraid our nervous system automatically kicks in and starts producing adrenalin which fuels the fight or flight system. In a pregnant woman, this would generally cause the cervix to tighten in order to prevent the baby from being born into what our body and our minds see as an unsafe environment. Heightened levels of adrenalin would then react with other hormones needed for birth causing the body to slow down and even put a stop to the process. The fight and flight preparation is hugely draining for a women in labour and this is why relaxation is such an important factor.

Feeling relaxed during labour ensures a high level of oxygen is entering the body which is not only good for the baby but also good for the production of endorphins which are the body’s natural pain reliever.

Benefits of hypnotherapy for childbirth

Hypnotherapy for childbirth has a plethora of benefits which could help any women during and after her pregnancy. Listed below are a few examples of issues hypnotherapy can help to address:

  • can reduce labour time
  • can reduce fatigue in the mother during and after birth
  • can reduce postnatal recovery time
  • can reduce the risk of intervention
  • increases the chances of children feeding and sleeping better
  • can help aches and discomforts during pregnancy
  • can help morning sickness
  • assists the natural birth process
  • can speed up post birth recovery
  • can improve oxygen levels in mother and baby

Based on these principles, and tailored for each mother’s needs, hypnotherapy for childbirth can greatly improve the experience of childbirth for you and your baby.

Hypnotherapy for Childbirth and relaxation is usually 4-5 sessions, with at least one of these sessions to preferably involve the mother’s birthing partner.

The pain control techniques taught for childbirth are equally as effective for other types of discomfort. It is important to remember that medical advice must always be sought first, but these techniques can really help to manage painful conditions and improve overall well-being.

How “hypno-birthing” evolved

Hypnosis for childbirth builds on the amazing work of Grantly Dick-Read and Ina May Gaskin. Dick-Read was an English obstetrician in the first half of the twentieth century who repeatedly observed almost pain-free childbirth. He observed this most often when the mothers were poorly educated, with limited experience of modern society. He began to wonder, and test, whether the medical profession had created an expectation of medical intervention, pain and therefore anxiety in the mum-to-be. This expectation would ensure a painful labour. He proved in his work with countless mothers that the experience of childbirth could be a wonderfully positive experience. It was hard work, yes, but without the anxiety that leads our minds to create a pain response. He achieved a great improvement by preparing the mothers under his care. He used hypnotic relaxation, exercises and education. It has taken over 50 years for his work to become widely accepted. His model has become ‘best practice’ for modern hospital Birthing Centres.

Ina May Gaskin founded the The Farm in Tennessee in the early 1970′s. She is known as the “the midwife of modern midwifery” and proved the success of these methods in the thousands of births at The Farm. The success of The Farm is based on the wonderfully relaxed environment and support from other members of the community. The whole experience is free from the fear that so often surrounds the build-up to the birth of a child in modern western society. There is also an absolute reliance on the natural ability of a mother’s body in childbirth. Highly recommended books by Ina May Gaskin for any mum-to-be include: Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (2008) and Spiritual Midwifery (2002).

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