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Hypnotherapy for Weight loss

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Why does dieting rarely bring long-term weight loss? Think about your last diet – what were you focusing on? What did you end up thinking about all the time? …Why, food, of course!!

Lots of people try and fail to lose weight for a huge number of reasons. These reasons are often unconscious, making it hard for us to overcome them. Hypnotherapy aims to expose these reasons, allowing clients to finally break through barriers that may have been preventing them from losing weight for many years.

Hypnotherapy techniques for weight loss have an advantage over those used by nutritionists and personal trainers because, in order to change your body, you need to first change your mind.

Why cant I lose weight?

Because body shape and size is so tied in with the western idea of beauty, people are constantly looking for ‘quick fixes’ to cut corners. Diet pills, fad weight loss diets and gruelling exercise regimes are just some of the ways people try to lose weight. Meticulous calorie counting and monitoring of food intake are often a big part of the dieting regime. However, weight loss is very difficult whilst our focus is on food. To lose and keep weight off, you can’t just go on a six week purge and then go back to your previous habits. As soon as the effort of the diet takes its’ toll, old eating habits return. Often the weight returns as well. You have to make real and often major lifestyle changes. This can be hard because, after all, sugary, fatty, starchy food tastes good and exercise takes time and effort.

What makes weight loss harder is the emotions we associate with certain foods and the act of eating. Our relationship with food is long-standing, emotional, and usually deeply buried within our sub-conscious. Common reasons you might find it hard to successfully lose weight include comfort eating, banning foods or mental blocks that stop us from exercising.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help? Rather than focusing on the problem, hypnotherapy can help you break the emotional patterns and behaviours that cause weight issues. The hypnotherapy for weight loss sessions are designed to make sure you get even more enjoyment from a healthy lifestyle than you could ever have from eating. They are devoted to improving your self-esteem and creating realistic behaviour change quickly. Not only healthier, but happier!

It is important that we work to create a new self-image and have a clear picture of what we want. This allows the change process to start and those habits to be altered. Hypnotherapy and specifically hypnotherapy for weight loss is highly effective because these changes are most easily made whilst working dynamically within the sub-conscious. Hypnotherapy for weight loss will help you to:

  • Re-channel the energy of the old eating and lifestyle habits into new, healthier behaviours
  • Build a positive self-image of yourself both in the present and future (and all points in between!)
  • Find motivational triggers for a healthier lifestyle
  • Build self-confidence and motivation
  • Unwind any mistaken beliefs, guilt or emotion we may have tied into eating – this is often caused inadvertently by well-meaning parents who want to make sure dinner is finished!
  • Re-align eating as an important, positive part of a fit and healthy life

Our hypnotherapy for weight loss treatment is designed to help you to:

  1. Be clear about your weight loss goals
  2. Remove the barriers to achieving those goals
  3. Change your relationship with food and exercise forever
  4. Transform your self-confidence and motivation
  5. Start the next part of your life as a trimmer, healthier you!

One decision can change your weight and your relationship with food and with your body forever!

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