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Nico Manta

DABCH – Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy from the Atkinson-Ball College of Hypnotherapy
MCAHyp – Member of the Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy
GQHP – General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice from the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

It’s often said that the best therapists are the ones that can talk from personal experience. I’m not going to sit and lie to you, and nod my head and act like I know how you feel;

What I am going to tell you is; I know! How you feel. I know what it feels like when you think you’ve run out of options, and you don’t know who you can turn to, who’s willing to listen to you; Friends? Family? Partners? GP? What if there words and advice isn’t enough!

Does the above sound familiar?

How about these:

Will he find out my innermost secrets?

Will he make me mimic a chicken?

What if I don’t come out of hypnosis?

Well, if you read on, maybe it will help if you know my story;

A number of years ago I had a personal problem, not content with my GP and his advice; I decided to take a look at the holistic approach. I asked all of these same questions from above. I was no different, seeing a Hypnotherapist for the first time felt like stepping into the unknown?

To this day, I’m still struggling for the words that describe this life changing experience. The only thing I can say is; that it was a deep relaxation that was so unique, I didn’t want it to ever end. Within 2 sessions all these problems I had been facing were taken away. So much so, that I purposely went back for a 3rd session because I needed to know how this worked.

Was it magic…? 

I then embarked on a life changing journey, studying and learning various techniques from around the world. The outcome of this is; I qualified from one of the oldest and one of the most well respected Hypnotherapy colleges in the world.

Our tutor, Greg Forde gave our class much advice, but the one bit of advice that stood out for me…. Was… “Heart”.

Heart; I hear you say?

You need to have heart in this work. Your client needs to trust you. My Hypnotherapist had heart, and I did trust him, and it is that very care on a one to one basis that made me comfortable. So I carry on, that very same ethos.

There are many Hypnotherapists out there you can see, so what’s the difference between us?

What am I going to do differently to the other Hypnotherapists?

I can’t say what makes me different, but what I can say; at Inner Mind “It’s Hypnotherapy from the Heart. “

I will always have my door open and I will never judge you. No matter how big or small the problem is, no matter how nervous you may feel, here at “ Inner Mind” our aim is to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible, there is only one important person in that room, and that’s you.

So going back to my previous question, was it Magic?

The simple answer is… No! But it was Hypnotherapy from the Heart and it’s the closest thing to magic that I have found.

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