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  • Hypnotherapy for Depression – “I had been suffering from Depression for over 10 years. I had accepted that this was how my life was going to be. I had no care in the world, I stopped working, and I never got out of bed until at least 2pm. The way things were going had it not been for Nico, I may not have been here now to write this testimonial. My brother who was extremely worried about me at the time, begged me to see Inner Mind Hypnotherapy. I went to see Nico really only to keep my brother off my back.The moment I sat down with Nico I was hooked in and without realising it, a 1hour and 30 minute session had passed, and I wanted more. I went back for a further 2 sessions and by the end of it, I was a changed man.

    I only wish I had found Inner Mind Hypnotherapy 10 years before. Now I’m living life to its fullest and I’m making up for lost time”. – Mark 2014

  • Hypnotherapy for Anxiety – “Having suffered a bad period of Anxiety, A friend of mine showed me the Inner Mind hypnotherapy page on Facebook. I messaged Nico on a late Sunday night and within minutes he had gotten back to me. This therapy really helped me return to thinking in a positive way and I felt able to return to my ‘ normal ‘ self. The recording that Nico did during the session was put onto a CD and this was very beneficial, particularly before sleeping. This seemed to register in my brain even if I fell asleep before it ended. I would recommend hypnotherapy with Inner Mind Hypnotherapy, they really do go up and beyond to help you”. – Pamela 2013
  • Hypnotherapy for Irritable bowel syndrome I.B.S – “I was recommended to see Nico by my GP. I had been suffering with I.B..S for a year. We had tried everything but nothing worked. I saw Nico for 4 sessions and we found the root cause of the problem. I now have no problems whatsoever with I.B.S.Thank you Inner Mind Hypnotherapy for all you’ve done for me”. – Emma 2014
  • Hypno-Birthing – “I went to see Nico when I had last minute jitters about childbirth at 37 weeks. We had 3 sessions in 3 weeks and although it wasn’t ideal timing, Nico used the time very efficiently and effectively by teaching relaxation, breathing and distraction techniques. I found the sessions extremely relaxing and therapeutic in making me feel more at ease and much less nervous about my impending labour. When I finally went in to labour at 39 weeks, +3 days, I was able to put into practice the techniques I had practiced with Nico which made the whole experience a lot more manageable. I was in slow labour for 6 days in total and although I can’t say it was pain free, I can honestly say that when I focused on what I had been taught, the pain was a LOT more tolerable. There were times when the pain took over me, but as soon as my husband reminded me to count and go to my ‘special place’, and I focused, it really did help. I ended up giving birth on the 6th day of contractions, in a pool, completely natural with absolutely no pain relief. I can honestly say that if it hadn’t been for the Self-Hypnosis techniques that I used, I would have done just about anything for diamorphine or an epidural! I would happily recommend Nico at Inner Mind Hypnotherapy to anyone. Thank you Nico for a lovely experience”. – Lisa 2014
  • Hypnotherapy for Fear & Phobia – “My husband had been to Inner Mind Hypnotherapy for his own personal issue, so I already knew I would be in safe hands. Nico came very highly recommended by my partner and after just one session I knew why. My Spider phobia had gotten way out of hand. I had a fear of spiders for as long as I could remember. I got through life with this phobia by just avoiding spiders all together. Changes needed to be made after I attended a Halloween party with the family. Rubber spider decoration was giving me the same uncomfortable feeling as the real ones. I had to leave the party early, which was very embarrassing for me.Within 3 sessions Nico took this fear and spider phobia away from me. Now I’m not saying I would hold a spider, but I can safely say being in a room with a spider or holding a rubber spider won’t make me panic anymore.Thank you Inner Mind Hypnotherapy for allowing me to get over this fear”. – Linda 2013
  • Hypnotherapy for Insomnia – “My Insomnia had really gotten out of hand, I was getting 3-4 hours sleep if I was lucky. Most nights it felt like I was awake throughout the night. I had tried everything you could imagine and nothing was working for me. My GP really did try with me, but in the end, nothing was working for me. I had never thought of Hypnotherapy before, but my GP had told me it wouldn’t hurt to try it.My next step was to find a Hypnotherapist that could work with me. My wife had a back massage appointment at the Banyan Wellness Centre in Burnley. It was only then when I was inside the Centre, and waiting in the reception area that I saw the Inner Mind Hypnotherapy business card. Remembering what my GP had told me I just thought I need to try this.All I can say is that decision I made has now saved my life. The first time I met Nico he told me that I would sleep like a baby after our first session. Sleeping like a baby was an understatement; I now sleep without any problems whatsoever.

    Nico helped me to find the root cause of the problem and now Insomnia does not exist to me.

    Thank you Nico, and please if anybody does suffer with Insomnia then you owe it to yourself to try Hypnotherapy and I highly recommend Inner Mind Hypnotherapy”. – Ian 2014

  • Hypnotherapy for Stress & Anxiety – “My Dentist recommended that I see Inner Mind Hypnotherapy due to my excessive teeth grinding. I had gone through 3 splints within a year. The thought of going to see a Hypnotherapist was a little daunting. All I knew about Hypnosis was the Derren Brown and Paul Mckenna stuff you see on TV.Wow, was I wrong!!! After the first session everything just seemed weird, had I been hypnotised? I then went home listened to the recordings that Nico made for me every night before sleep. During that first week I must have slept with no problems at all. I then went to a further 2 sessions and I can now honestly say, 6 months later and I still have no problem with Bruxism.Thanks Nico, highly recommended and if your sceptical, please don’t be as this stuff is amazing”. – Joseph 2014
  • Hypnotherapy for Weight loss – “My problem with food stems back to my University days. Takeaways, drinking, partying, and just general junk food. My weight ballooned from a stable 9 and a half stone to 17 stone by the time I left University. By the time I met Nico I had reached 19 stone. I came to see Nico the beginning of December 2013 after somehow coming across one of his Tweets on Twitter. I was suffering from Anxiety and this was due to my weight. I had 3 sessions with Nico and I have to say the timing wasn’t ideal with Christmas just around the corner, but I made the decision that I wanted to see him straight away.I am writing this testimonial September 2014 and I have now lost 5 and 1/2 stone. Nico is a very honest person he told me his story and he made me feel completely at ease from the word go. His recordings did wonders for me and I still listen to them now, they keep me focused.Thank you for all you’ve done for me”. – Anita 2014

  • Hypnotherapy for Confidence – If you are looking for a truly holistic hypnotherapist then Nico is the therapist for you…… no jargon, just a unique, straightforward approach to get at the very root of your problem. I was suffering with a lack of confidence, Nico has worked with me to unlock repressed feelings long since buried and I now feel resilient and able to cope with whatever life now throws at me. My confidence now has risen and had it not been for these sessions I would not have had the confidence to even be writing this testimonial. Thank you Inner Mind Hypnotherapy. – Janet 2014
  • Hypnotherapy for Stop Smoking – “ I had been a smoker for over 20 years. I had seen the Inner Mind Hypnotherapy advert on yell.com; I had read some reviews and thought it wouldn’t hurt to give this a try.I mean I had tried everything else to stop so what’s the worst that could happen?All I can say is that was the best decision I have ever made. Nico created a 2 hour session bespoke to me. A truly magical experience, I unloaded so much rubbish that I no longer needed to hold onto.

    7 Months later not only have I stopped smoking, but I also feel like a different person.

    I’m so happy with my decisions to have Hypnotherapy.

    Thank you Nico

  • Hypnotherapy for Stress – If stress has been a problem for you, then I implore you to try Hypnotherapy. Inner Mind Hypnotherapy gave me my life back. Having had to get over the breakup of my marriage and then helping my son beat his drug addiction. Being stressed had become normal, Nico is a miracle worker, after one session I already felt calm and relaxed. Thanks to Nico and his understanding of my problems he was able to show me other ways to overcome my stress.Thank you Beverley 2013


  • “I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. It was relaxed, friendly, inclusive and informative. I have built solid foundations on which to build and plan to incorporate this wonderful technique into my everyday life. Powerful, effective and truly fascinating. Thank you!” Cathryn (Feb ’14)
  • “I have meditated for years and believed I could not be taught to relax any deeper. I was wrong… very wrong. Absolutely amazing experience. Highly recommended.” Carl B (Feb ’14)
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed it and found the visualisations very helpful. My second time on the course and would definitely recommend it” ClaireC (Feb ‘14)
  • “I became more and more impressed as the weeks went by in how the technique I was adopting was starting to help me to manage my pain levels just through relaxation and self-hypnosis and also by how my confidence was growing. Thank You!” Paul Wilds (Feb ’14)
  • “It’s helped me by its’ basic relaxation effect. I feel a lot calmer, life has been all over the place recently and now I feel more optimistic, centred and hopefully will continue to feel so.” Sharon (Feb ’14)
  • “I have looked forward to Tuesday nights and lament their coming to an end! Nico and Jason make a good double act in delivering the course, making it informative, fun and compelling.” Jaz (Feb ’14)
  • “This is my second time on the course and I have again thoroughly enjoyed it! I feel very relaxed and find the course very helpful for controlling stress levels.” Gina Reid (Feb ’14)
  • “Learned a lot. Great course. Struggled sometimes, mind wandering, feeling cold all over when suggested cold finger, BUT – have given up smoking.” Adele (Feb ’14)
  • “Informative, engaging, self-discovery in a safe, friendly atmosphere and environment.” Margaret (Feb ’14)
  • “I wasn’t sure how much help it would be when I started but have been surprised at how it has helped me on different levels with both health and personal issues.” Gill Fox (Feb ’14)
  • “I enjoyed this introduction and feel it has assisted me to learn to relax, however also feel I have not totally achieved self-hypnosis and perhaps would benefit from one-to-one rather than a group setting” Gail (Oct ‘13)
  • “A great and enjoyable introduction to hypnosis – would like to see some follow-up evenings, possibly on a regular basis” Peter Uttley (Oct ‘13)
  • “I wasn’t expecting as much out of the course as I got. I’ve definitely progressed in my own personal development which was my main reason for signing up, but I’ve also gained so much insight into the subject of hypnosis. I’ve enjoyed the assignments and look forward to future ongoing training.” Linda Uttley (Oct ‘13)
  • “Well worth every penny. I found the practical work extremely rewarding and hope to keep hold of the knowledge I have gained.” John (Oct ’13)
  • “It’s really helped me with my confidence. I feel happier and lighter – more positive. Thank you.” J. Jacques (Oct ’13)
  • “I have found the course very beneficial for relaxation and controlling anxiety. The course content has been very interesting throughout and I have enjoyed it tremendously.” Gina Reid (Oct ’13)
  • “This course has encouraged me to enrol on the Diploma. It has made me know that this is where my interest is. I have never before looked forward to my assignments!” Claire McDonough (Oct ’13)
  • “The course has inspired me and given me insights into how the mind can have an impact on my physical body as I suffer from chronic pain. I’m encouraged to do more reading and research in order to better myself.” Lillo (Oct ’13)
  • “I loved the self-hypnosis exercises and the information on self-hypnosis” Barbara (Feb ’14)
  • “”Excellent presentation, I like the two man approach! The course has taught me how to relax and train my mind to improve who I want to be. A great introduction to hypnosis and meeting my unconscious mind. Lots covered, good use of time, thank you Nico and Jason” L.F. (Feb ’14)
  • “I have really enjoyed the last 6 weeks. It has given me a new perspective and introduced me to new ideas and another way to relax and get an awareness of myself and reflect on it all.” Paul (Feb ’14)
  • “The course has provided me with a range of relaxation techniques that I can use easily whenever I feel the need. It has also helped me to achieve focus on areas I perhaps want to change and given me the skills I need to achieve this.” Zoe (Feb ’14)

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